Why a Teacup and Not the Tea?

tea·cup [tee-kuhp] 

1.  A cup  in which tea is served, usually of small or moderatesize.

2.  An amount held by a teacup, about 150 m


3. Tempest in a teacup/ teapot, a disturbance or uproar about little or nothing: the fight over who should be come the next assistant treasurer of the organization is just a tempest in a teacup. Also, storm in a teacup.

I always found that although a teacup might look sweet, submissive, fragile and often overlooked no matter the design – but – the tea inside always packs a worthy punch.  I have always looked upon myself like that; shy and fragile on the outside, powerful on the inside. This is why I decided on calling my blog “teacup and me” because on the outside I appear as dainty and breakable as a teacup but on the inside I am me; strong, optimistic and quirky.

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